We suggest that introduction to basic grooming practices, such as bathing, brushing, and nail care, should begin not long after you bring your new baby home (usually at 8-10 weeks old). Familiarising your new puppy with grooming during the critical learning period of 8-16 weeks is vital to ensure that grooming is a stress-free, enjoyable activity for both animal and owner. 


This service is available for puppies aged up to 16 weeks old. This short introductory session will also familiarise you with your pet’s grooming requirements, and provide some guidelines as to how you can maintain your pet’s coat and skin between grooms.


This service includes everything a Full Groom does except body and leg clip.  This is because puppy coats need time to mature, but also because little ones have less patience for this long process.

During the service, your pet will be

  • Bath & Dry

  • Nails clipped

  • Grooming of the face, feet, tail, and hygiene area

Given this is your pet's first time with the sights, sounds, distractions of other pets, etc.  Please note in the best interest of your pet. We may not complete everything on the first visit.  Your pet has a life-time of grooming, it is important we work with their temperament to get them comfortable, rather than to push them and create an unhappy association with grooming.

On the day, you will check-in and leave your pet with us around 2-3 hours, just depends on your pet and how they are going with each step of the process.  Just like young children, if they know you are near, they will want to come back to you, it's great to let them learn early its ok to be without you and they are safe with us!

*Please note a cancellation fee of $30 will be charged for missed or appointments canceled less than 48hrs notice.

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